Bird In Space


Sixteen examples of the Bird in Space (L’Oiseau dans l’espace, 1923–40) sequence, dating from 1923 to 1940, have been identified.

Constantin Brâncuşi a pioneer of modernism.

The idea of a bird flying in zero-G is a leap of imagination, and makes a great title for such an enigmatic shape.

Constantin Brâncuşi looked to express the form of the movement of a bird.

What was he telling us with his seven sculptures in the series made of marble, while the other nine were cast in bronze.

Dysphemic – SpaceBird



BIRD FROM OUTER SPACE// Track about a bird that is fed up with the disrespect given to birds by humans on earth and decides to fly into outer space.

‘SpaceBird’ from seemingly inspired ‘Glitch-Hop’ producers Dysphemic from the ANDROIDS EP, released 28 January 2011.


Above is a depiction of the Mayan sky god Quetzalcoatl,the feathered serpent.
In pre-Columbian Central America Quetzalcoatl was sometimes depicted as biting its own tail. The Ouroboros, “tail-devouring snake”is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail and forming a circle. Ouroboros symbolism is seen reoccurring across many cultures, in different forms, from Europe to the Amazon.

The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return. Jeremy Narby makes the parallel comparison here with the replicating nature of DNA.

Carl Jung
interpreted the Ouroboros as having an archetypical significance to the human psyche.

In Gnosticism, this serpent symbolized eternity and the soul of the world.

In Norse mythology, the ouroboros appears as the serpent Jörmungandr, one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda, who grew so large that it could encircle the world and grasp its tail in its teeth.

The organic chemist August Kekulé claimed that a ring in the shape of Ouroboros that he saw in a dream inspired him in his discovery of the structure of benzene.He said that he had discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a day-dream of a snake seizing its own tail. This vision, he said, came to him after years of studying the nature of carbon-carbon bonds.

Michael Harner and space dragons

Graham Hancock in his book Supernatural states that in !961 the American anthropologist Michael Harner took part in an ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon.

Harner was one of the first westerners to have participated in the indigenous sacrament.

This is his account of his amazing insights after imbibing a strong dose of Amazonian holy medicine:-

“The creatures showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation – hundreds of millions of years of activity – took place on the scale and with vividness impossible to imagine. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man. They were the true masters of humanity and the entire planet, they told me. We humans were but the receptacles and servants of these creatures. For this reason they could speak to me from within myself. In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA, although at that time in 1961, I knew nothing of DNA.”

This is a recurring tale of life having migrated to Earth, fleeing something after a journey lasting ‘aeons’. What is referred to as directed panspermia. A theory championed by one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA, Professor Francis Crick.

I have to mention here the great work done on the topic by Jeremy Narby in his book DNA: The Cosmic Serpent.

LA Times – Big Snakes

The LA Times ran an article about the fossilized remains of a giant snake in Colombia.

“It was the mother of all snakes, a nightmarish behemoth as long as a school bus and as heavy as a Volkswagen Beetle that ruled the ancient Amazonian rain forest for 2 million years before slithering into nonexistence.”

There is a strong link in the origins of birds and reptiles, sharing common ancestors.

Archosaurs‘ (Greek for ‘ruling lizards’) are a group of diapsid reptiles that is represented today by birds and crocodiles and which also included the dinosaurs.


” Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec sky and creator god. The name is a combination of quetzal, a brightly colored Mesoamerican bird, and coatl, meaning serpent. ” – from WIkipeadia

Author Steven McFadden, in his book Ancient Voices affirms that: “Quetzalcoatl is said to be the embodiment of the serpent rainbow beam of cosmic intelligence–the electric sperm of the universe fertilizing the womb of the Earth.”

This makes me at once think of the theories of panspermia, that postulates that life on Earth came from other sources outside our own planet.

Space Birds?

In legends and myths there is mention of flying, magical reptilian creatures,in English we call them dragons.

Far from occurring in only one culture, we see the appearance of dragon-like creatures in many of the worlds folklore.

Why is this?

Is this pervasive myth based on remnants of a collective memory of such creatures?
Is the dragon really some sort of dream manifestation of an ancient and innate fear of snakes?

Who is to say why the whole world mythologizes a similar looking creature.

The Ljubljana dragon, the protector dragon of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia from Wikipeadia